What’s in a name for people with MS

When I tell people, I have improved tremendously because of acupuncture, some  people respond, “You must be in remission. This is not a cure.”.

Even  if that is so, is it not good enough? In fact, some allopath view this as an achievable goal, and keep trying various medicines for the same goal. In fact, “disease activity free status,” or DAFS, is now considered an endpoint to include in future MS treatment trials till a complete cure is found.

At a party with friends..
At a party with friends..

Does it matter if it is called remission, cure  or  wellness ? The fact is MS with all its names is a plethora of names and confusion. People are therefore always obsessed with tagging things.

When I was first diagnosed, my neurologist understood my state of mind of confusion and stress and spoke to me at length on how a lot of research was going on and I could certainly expect some medical solution within reasonable time. He also elaborated the state of the research at that stage and made me understand that though the cause and cure of this has not yet been ascertained. He made me understand that this ailment can be managed even if not cured.

Now, I know of people with Multiple Sclerosis whose ailment have gone into permanent remission. Many people have led a long, independent life, even though they have been diagnosed with the disease.

To prevent recurrence, the only thing we would need to do is take care and not add any stress into our lives.

Forget the statistics of various types of MS and the uncertainty that does with this. Let us not aim to be quasi-doctors.

We can be role models of combating an ailment such as Multiple Sclerosis if we make sure we have a minimum fitness routine and stick to it, while exploring therapies that make us feel better.

In my case, acupuncture has worked remarkably well and whether one calls it remission or cure, it does not matter.

The fact is, MS does not have any control over my life now, without any medication. Will this last?  I certainly hope so. As regards what will happen next, none of us ever know what will happen the next moment, whether we have a health challenge or not.   The only certainty is life, my friends is uncertainty. The sooner we accept this, the better our life will be as we shall then make the most of every moment.


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