Who are we fighting against ?

There is no doubt that there are many lessons to learn from history but unfortunately, we often seem to learning the wrong ones. Violence and alienation has never served the vanquished or even the victors well, still we do not ever focus on this side of history.

Let us take the example of the situation in Gaza. I do not want to simplify the situation there but the fact is, it is a territorial conflict. We may have made a lot of progress technologically, but we have not learnt to co-exist. Calling it the responsibility of Hamas, the Israelis or a religious conflict does not make it any less evil.  Here is where history is helpful to make us understand why this is happening.


The fact was that many Israelis who suffered under the Nazis fled to Israel, calling it their homeland when actually it was not occupied by them for many years. One would think they would have learnt from being Hitler did not create anti-Semitism. He just took into such horrible heights that we still shudder at the degradation to which humanity can go. Hitler and the Nazi movement have thankfully become history that we hope humanity shall never stoop down to.  We, however, must remember, that the entire nation and thought process is to be blamed, not just one individual.

Have we actually understood the lessons, l wonder. At some stage, we have to think what is it that we are doing to alienate people. The “us” versus “them” mindset has to stop to really make a change. Weapons cannot conquer the human mind.

Is using bombs and rockets instead of gas chambers really matter? Are we really progressing in our mindset? We must know that weapons cannot conquer the human mind. Do we need another holocaust somewhere in the world, to shock everyone into  realization that evil can never win?

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