Who does one walk with?


togethernessPeople often ask me what was it that helped me fight my difficult times, especially after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The answer was and still is,  there is definitely not a clear, single answer as life itself  is always a gamut of emotions and possibilities.

One of the articles, my editor, Suma Varughese, wrote on Karma and Grace seemed to be written just for me. She brings out how we are always cushioned by divine grace even if we need to face difficult circumstances.

It was indeed this grace that took me to Life Positive. Now, due to my work with Life Positive, I have come across many books and people who truly made a success of their lives, whatever the circumstances.

One such book  that also brings out a similar tenet is Dr. Robert H. Schuller’s, “Tough Times Never Last, But  Tough People Do!”

Here, the author asks us to work on positivity, no matter what the problem is. Whether it’s unemployment, poor health, loneliness, fear or anything  else that blocks our success, the author says we can turn negatives into positives and shares many stories of people who have done so.  One of the stories in the book is that of his daughter, Carol Schuller, who had to battle a motorcycle accident at the age of seventeen.

Among her various triumphs, what I completely resonated with then and even now is the point where she says,  “I look at you girls who walk without a limp, and I wish I could walk that way. I can’t, but this is what I’ve learned, and I want to leave it with you: It’s not how you walk that counts, but who walks with you and who you walk with.”

As  far as I am concerned, I consider myself very fortunate in various areas. A family that has proven to be a rock of support in tough times, working for a magazine that focuses on positivity and wellwishers from almost all walks of life.

Now, I have healed in all areas and am walking almost perfectly due to alternate therapies and I have truly understood that what matters most to me, like it did for Carol, is ‘who I walk with.”

I am also convinced that I am indeed cushioned by divine grace. If it was my karma that made me face multiple sclerosis, I now think it is my dharma to tell all who are afflicted with so called incurable diseases that nothing is incurable.

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  1. Srinivasan

    You are absolutely positive ; Life goes on the driver takes through on a rough road goes slow that is caution , (patience), that leads to come rough patches and with a broad smile and relief drives smoothly on and on … Patience, with perseverance always give a good great result !!

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