Remember, each of us is more than a mere ailment


Very often, we tend to believe something or somebody without doing our own analysis or introspection.

When I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I was told incessantly not to do many, many things –

Do not go out alone

Do not board a bus

Do not board a train

These were just some of the advice given even to the extent of “do not work on the computer too much – it may harm your eyesight”

Apart from these everyday ‘advice’, there were religious ones as well – Go to this temple, mosque, church, fast on a/b/c/d day of the week, chant x/y/z mantra or prayer.

If we really believe in God, do you think he can be bribed with visits, chants or fasts ?  Surely, anyone who assumes or believes in such a power needs to have a rethink on life itself. By this, I do not mean we should not pray or affirm. In fact, the best prayer that we can all give is being thankful and grateful. Believe me, whatever your situation may be, there is enough to be thankful about. Hence, ignore the dos and don’t and just affirm.

Although some of the advice may have been well meaning, we must take control of our lives and not hand over the control to anyone, be it a doctor, priest or even family.

The fact is, people, MS is deemed incurable but when we know nothing is impossible, how can anything be incurable.

Yes, it may mean a few diversions of one’s route but surely, when we are given life, we have to try and lead a complete life, come what may.

While on the new route, one does also come across new challenges but as always, what is a life without challenges ?

Along with the challenges, there are also solutions – these need to be hand picked, chosen and applied diligently.

No matter what the solution applied, do not ever lose control. Remember, if you think you have problems, there are many who have many more problems than you.

Make a blueprint for a complete life. Remember you are not a mere ailment.

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  1. Dipa Joshi

     /  March 18, 2014

    “we must take control of our lives and not hand over the control to anyone, be it a doctor, priest or even family”. I would like to add a word to this line,
    not hand over the control to anyone, be it a doctor, priest,even family and most importantly to disease itself..


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