Differences can be good

When we read a good story or good book or watch a good movie, the readers or viewers may have different views on what they found most interesting or which character they liked the most. The same is true even for your own writing.

Sample this:

Archana came home a little late that day. Her cat was meowing and was badly hurt. Archana just did not know where to take her as there was no veterinary doctor nearby. She called her neighbor. He asked her to relax and told her to take the cat to the general practitioner near their home whom he knew. Archana hesitantly went there with Rahul and waited for some time. The doctor was surprised but proved to be gentle and kind. He bandaged the cat’s hurt paw. He also called a friend, a veterinary doctor and fixed an appointment with him the next day.

This is just one paragraph, but even here there are many characters. Your audience who read this may have different views. Some may be curious to know more about Archana, some about Rahul, the doctor or even the cat. This actually means that your paragraph has been well-written and is believable. We cannot expect the same reactions from everyone as a story, after all, is a slice of life you are trying to serve. Many writers think the most important character and the most important incident in their story should be the same as what they had thought it should be. If they get a different response, they feel they have failed. Actually, a writer must realize he cannot have control over all the response he may receive. His only task is to create a story and then show it to the readers. Essentially, varied responses do not mean the writer has failed. The writer has created a story in which people relate to all the characters. After all, this is the ultimate aim of every writer.

Be a Wow writer! A revised article was co-authored by Megha Bajaj in the Hindu..

The link is given at   http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-in-school/differences-can-be-good/article4007330.ece

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