Budding Writers, hop in

budtobloom2I have published many books for children, the latest being Elixir for Zylake.

Children are imaginative, creative and all of them do wish to create a better world that is more humane, compassionate and caring.

Some of my friends tell me they are children after all, and do not have any problems or pressures in life. To this, I beg to disagree.  They have pressures or challenges too, sometimes more than adults. Pressures of competition, pressures of proving oneself, pressures of pleasing everybody, pressures of forming an identity, pressures of the growing body with new needs all the time, to name just a few.

As adults, we owe it to them to at least allow them to dream, to imagine, remain idealistic and believe they can indeed change the world if and when they wish to.

We only need to let them follow what is already there in them.

Now, to work with children and help them discover their talents, I have recently started teaching creative writing to the children of my colony and have helped many of them hone their talent.

I am now beginning an online creative writing course for children and other budding writers who wish to explore the child in them. The system of this would be

  1. Sending one article/ piece every week  (of 100-300 words).  This will be sent as a Document in MS Word. There would be four pieces per session.
  2. A feedback and reason for the changes will be given by email within a week.
  3. One positive story from the media will be shared ever week by email that you could read and give a feedback.
  4. I shall also share two words a week to keep the process of writing active. This would be shared on whatsapp once the number is shared.
  5. The charges for the above shall be INR Two Thousand a Month.
  6. For some reason, if a week is missed, it can be carried forward within three months.
  7. For more details, please email me your name, age and interests at  jamuna.rangachari@gmail.com with subject “Budding Writers (Budding Writers)”


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