Connect with understanding

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive,” says the Dalai Lama

connectwitheveryoneThis is indeed true for humanity and all human beings in general. The fact is all positive emotions are interlinked and hence when we connect, love increases and therefore our world seems a much better to live in. This is a fundamental truth of life itself.

We do need to know here what to take seriously and what not to. Most of the problems in life itself is because we do not work on understand all kinds of people in the world. The world does indeed consist of different types of people but it is entirely in our control to see how we handle each kind. This is indeed one of the primary tests of life. One of the stories that I still remember in this context is that of a heap of skulls.

A Sufi mystic was passing through a cemetery and he came upon a heap of skulls. Out of curiosity he took one skull. He had always been of the thought that all skulls are almost the same, but they were not the same. There were a few skulls whose ears were joined together; there was a passage. There were a few skulls whose ears were not joined together; there was a barrier between the two. There were a few skulls both of whose ears were joined to the heart but not joined together; there was a passage running to the heart. He was very surprised. He prayed and asked God, “What is the matter? What are you trying to reveal to me?” And it is said that he heard a voice. God said, “There are three types of people: one, who hear through one ear; it never reaches anywhere — in fact they don’t hear, just the sound vibrates and disappears. There is another type, who hear, but only momentarily — they hear through one ear, and through the other ear it is lost into the world again. There are a few souls, of course, who hear through the ears and it reaches to the heart.”

And God said, “I have brought you to this heap of skulls just to help you remember it when you are talking to people. Talk only to those who take whatsoever you say to their hearts — otherwise don’t waste your energy, and don’t waste your time. Your life is precious: you have a message to deliver.”

This tale shows us that though there are different kinds, we need to know how to handle each one of them. Essentially, it is our attitude we need to try to improve. After all, we all have messages to deliver and this is exactly what we need to focus on.

Say goodbye to worry

As long as we are alive, we have two options, either to live in fear or live fearlessly. To live fearlessly, we need to work on driving it away, thinking there is no other option. In fact, long ago, the when success and failure were the only options, the leaders of ancient Greek armies burnt the boats upon landing on shore so there was no going back. With no way to make it home besides victory, the resolve of the soldiers was strengthened. Similarly in our case, as the only option is to live, let us follow through and face our fear.

I used to be worried about falling down and hurting myself after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  then slowly began climbing starts one floor at a time and was soon able to combat this terrible fear of falling and moved on in life. It then felt like no big deal at all. After overcoming my fear, I suggest the following steps to everyone –

  1. Start facing the fear daily – Once we have awareness of the fear the most effective way to knock it out of your life is to face it. Start off with small steps and build up your confidence until the fear is more manageable and you are ready for the big action. As you work with the fear more, you’ll also gain more and more awareness of how you can tackle it.
  2. Repeat – Don’t stop taking bold actions until the fear is minimized. The more the action is repeated, the more negligible it becomes. The fact is when we handle fear, whatever it may be, and later realise we actually survived it, many things in life you may have feared previously seems to shrink. Those fears become smaller. They might even disappear. We start thinking that what we thought was a fear before wasn’t that much to be afraid of at all. Everything is relative. And every triumph, problem, fear and experience becomes bigger or smaller depending to what you compare it to. The fact is to gain a wider perspective of human experience and grow we really have to step up and face our fear. In this context, facing our fear can be surprisingly anticlimactic. From a distance and in our mind things may seem very difficult and frightening. Most of the time, it is not true at all..
  3. Take action and get busy -‘Worry gives a small thing a big shadow’ says a Swedish proverb. We can’t sit around think and waiting for courage and confidence to come knocking on the door. If we do, you may just experience the opposite effect. The more you think, the more fear we build within.The reality is that 80-90 percent of what we worry about never really comes into reality. If we combat fear, then more than half the battle is won.

If fear is the enemy, who or what can combat it? The answer is surprisingly simple. Fear can be combated only by its arch enemy, love. Love of all that is wonderful in the world and love for every little event we come across in the world and indeed love of all that is present in life,

Ultimately, the one and only thing that can improve our chances of becoming better is actually in our control, as fear can never be cured by anyone else but our own self.


Power of positivity

In most areas of life, all positive traits are interlinked just like negative traits are. For instance, we can never feel sorry for ourselves if we accept reality, focus on gratitude and most of all focus on love.

Some techniques that I suggest everyone as it has helped me are

Accept your Feelings

Don’t question whether your problems are fair, or convince yourself if you have suffered more than those around them. The best way to deal with any feeling of discomfort is to just get through it.

Be active

The combination of negative thinking and inactivity fuel feelings of self-pity. We need to recognize when in  a trauma that we are at a risk of becoming caught in this downward spiral and  take action to prevent ourselves from living a pitiful life. The control as always is with us.

Question what we perceive as luck

We need to ask ourselves questions like, “Is my luck always bad?” or “Is my entire life really ruined?” Asking ourselves these types of questions allows us to recognize when their outlook isn’t realistic. This allows us to create a more realistic perception of the situation.

View all experiences as experiments in life

Do not allow their negative thinking to turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead, when if in a challenging situation, let us deal with it in the best possible manner.

Reserve energy for productive activities

Instead of leading life in a self-pity mode, devote your time to productive activities that may perhaps improve the situation.

Be grateful

Gratitude is a common factor in all positive emotions. It’s impossible to feel self-pity and gratitude at the same time. While self-pity is about thinking, “I deserve better,” gratitude is about thinking, “I have more than I need.” Mentally strong people recognize all that they have to be grateful for in life – right down to the fresh air to breathe and clean water to drink.

Reach out

It’s hard to feel sorry for yourself when you’re helping those who are less fortunate. Rather than ruminate on our own inconveniences, let us strive to improve the lives of others.

Never Complain

Venting to other people about the magnitude of our problems fuels feelings of self-pity.  We may think we are being listened to but this is only a myth. Most people either ignore the complaint or begin to avoid you after a while.

 Remain optimistic

 Focus on a positive outlook is the only thing that can make our own life better.

Some of life’s problems can’t be prevented or solved. The loss of loved ones, natural disasters, and certain health conditions are problems that most people will face at one time or another. Mentally strong people keep an optimistic outlook about their ability to handle whatever life throws their way.

Make friends with yourself

Learn to make friends with the person you are with all the time.  This is you. We often take the trouble to be nice to others but not to our own selves. This is one thing we should never do.

Give yourself a pep talk

Everyday learn to give yourself a pep talk saying the day would be wonderful and most often, it would turn to be so.

Convince yourself that you can overcome anything

Even if you are not perfect, you have overcome many more things than others have. You need to keep telling yourself you shall indeed be able to overcome everything.

Essentially, all of the above is about developing mental strength that is similar to building physical strength. If we wanted to become physically strong we would need good habits – like lifting weights. However, we would also need to get rid of bad habits, like eating too many sweets. Similarly, developing mental strength requires good habits – and it also requires you to give up destructive habits, like self-pity, jealousy and its cousin envy.

Everyone has the ability to build mental strength. By developing an increased ability to regulate our thoughts, manage our emotions and behave productively despite whatever cards life gives us, we all can  grow stronger and become better.

Last but not the least, pray. Whether we believe in a higher power or not, prayer is very helpful to us. We could call it prayer or anything else that resonates with us. In my case, One of the best prayers that I resonate with is The Serenity Prayer  written by the American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr (1892–1971). It says,

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference.

In a nutshell, it teaches us how to lead a complete life by understanding ourselves and the life around us.

Cinnamon, the balancer


In all the research that is going on in the world, it would greatly benefit if the entire scientific community, particularly the doctors know  the power of spices. For instance, cinnamon is a spice that is not just aromatic but also has a lot of medicinal properties and has always been recognised for this since time immemorial.

cinnamonCinnamon is native to Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon and the south-eastern coast of India, while the closely related Cassia is native to China. Cinnamon and Cassia are both small tropical evergreen trees that grow up to 20 – 30 feet tall, with aromatic bark and leaves.It has been used as an ingredient throughout history, dating back as far as Ancient Egypt. It used to be rare and valuable, and was regarded as a gift fit for kings. In fact, even wars have been fought for cinnamon and the Taoists have called it the ‘food of the Gods’.

Coming to our body and health, a paradox in metabolism is that, while the vast majority of complex life on the planet requires oxygen for its existence, oxygen is a highly reactive molecule that damages living organisms by producing reactive oxygen species.

Consequently, organisms contain a complex network of antioxidant metabolites and enzymes that work together to prevent oxidative damage to cellular components such as DNA, proteins and lipids.

In general, antioxidant systems either prevent these reactive species from being formed, or remove them before they can damage vital components of the cell. Thus, the function of antioxidant systems is not to remove oxidants entirely, but instead to keep them at an optimum level. Here, cinnamon is supposed to be very good. Apart from this, it is  considered to be good in controlling diabetes, heart ailments and arthritis.

In my case, I did and do include cinnamon in my diet, particularly after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. For those who are not aware, multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disorder of the CNS (central nervous system in which myelin components are particularly targeted by the immune system resulting in demyelination of axons and associated debilitating symptoms, In spite of intense investigations, no effective therapy is available for this disease yet.

Personally, I have benefitted from various therapies (all natural) as I did not and doo not wish to be a guinea pig on all the scientific research going on in the allopathic world. Here, cinnamon has become a part of my life. The best thing of course is that this can be easily done by not making major lifestyle changes. Side effects, if any, are only positive.

Apart from the herbs, my entire journey on recovery has taught me that health and life in general is all about maintaining balance in all areas and yes, listening to what our body, mind and spirit is telling us.

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A heartfelt review

dancingwithlifeThank you, Kanika Juneja for this wonderful review. It means a lot to me as the greatest reward for any writer is to give a wee bit of hope and inspiration to others.

“Although I tried to remain positive, I had wilted with worry by the middle of my visit. Would there be a quick deterioration in my condition? Would I also end up in a wheelchair? Would I need to use a walking stick? Would I be able to continue to speak properly, without slurring? Would I become blind? ”
A chill ran down her spine when Jamuna Rangachari pondered over these devastating questions. At thirty three, she seemed to have it all : a job she loved, a wonderful family and perfect health. Her world came to a stand still when the doctor diagnosed her with Multiple Sclerosis in 2002.

The questions were so many and the answers, uncertain.
However, one night she decided to take the charge of her life and started to wage a war with her auto – immune disorder. She went ahead to try all the possible alternative therapies to finally find solace in acupuncture, a therapy that changed her life.

From talking about various useful therapies to sharing about her changed life perspective and how faith and determination can help one in overcoming any challenge, this book is a must read for all the people suffering from this debilitating disease.

As an M. S patient myself, I could resonate with not only her fears but her life philosophy that talks about the importance of love and gratitude in one’s life. I would like to conclude by quoting my favorite lines from the book :
” On my M. S journey, I began to understand that every natural thing exists on several different levels at once. It is like a multilayered pudding that had a base, jelly and icing. Every layer is necessary for the pudding to be tasty and all of these layers when combined make it a thing of beauty. In this life, the gross level at which we can see and easily understand things ends at the tangible body…. Above these layers is another layer, which is even more powerful. This is the layer of what is called karma, fate or destiny. It is essentially acceptance of the cards that are dealt to us by life. We can communicate with this layer only through prayer, positive belief and gratitude for the small mercies God or the universe has bestowed on us. ”

When one has such a powerful view point, one can not help but ‘Dance with Life.’

Divorcing ailments

divorceailmentsWhen I was first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I was distraught at first and then did all I could to learn more about the ailment, what could happen and what I would need to do.I visited all kinds of doctors, learnt about many therapies and kept reading and re-reading on all the research that was going on. The fact was the more I read, the more confused I became. If one research would say probably nothing may take place, the other would say one may die earlier, become totally paralysed and not even able to think.

In Tamil there is a saying, “Even nectar when taken in excess becomes poison”.  This excess reading and thinking that I initially thought was empowering me was doing just the reverse.  Slowly and surely, I stopped doing all the kind of things I was doing.  I started understanding that knowledge does not necessary mean wisdom. I started doing all that I could do and focussed all my energy on this instead of despairing on things that were either a wee bit difficult or that had not even posed a challenge for me at that point.

I started focussing on gratitude, building and making relationships robust and doing all that I loved doing. My life came back on track, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

When I had accepted living with the ailment, the universe blessed with finding a solution to my ailment too through acupuncture.  Serendipitously, the doctor happened to be extremely close to where I lived so it was also very convenient.

Now, having healed myself, I have written a book and have tried to inspire others.  A few more lessons that I have learnt in this process is that people heal only when the wish to heal and that there is a time to heal for everyone.

Whether one heals completely or not, I hope and pray that everyone divorces any ailment they may have and not remain wedded to it in this data driven, wisdom less world.

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Is life designed to be serendipitous?

universeSerendipity is one of my favourite words. To me, it means the manifests the engineering of the world as the universe, whether we call the engineering to be done by a higher power, higher consciousness or the Divine.

We do often feel we are making all the decisions in our life.  When we look more deeply, we will realise that there are many aspects involved in every step, whether it is people or events. This often is taken to mean that everything is predestined.  It really is not so. Life is a fusion of what we wish to have, how we go about getting it and how we handle all the so called obstacles on the way. Yes, it is not that the path is always as we wish it ought to be, but if we observe all that we can learn through the path that is shown to us, life becomes an adventure as it was always meant to be.

For instance, a senior teacher who regularly teaches holistic living in schools told me something quite interesting. He said that a few years back, he met with a minor accident and hence, he could no longer do all the asanas and teach them as he was doing earlier. Instead of stopping the classes, he now focusses on pranayama and nutritional guidance. Since he also knew  therapies like acupressure and sujok, he teaches that too to the students. Now, his class has become even more popular than before. Many people with ailments have also started taking his guidance. In a sense, his life has become enriched through a minor setback as he just looked for a different direction and path. He views his accident as a serendipitous event that made him a teacher and healer.

There are millions of such people all around us, who view life as a series of opportunities of various hues.  When something goes wrong, they just change the direction and start following a new path.

This is really why I consider life itself as a series of serendipitous events. We do not know the design, but if viewed positively, there are always opportunities for all of us.


Affirmations, Visualisation, Faith et al


visualisationWhen I was initially diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, the primary thing I had to combat was my emotion. I did not know what was going to happen next but then, started thinking differently. After all,  who knows what is going to happen the very next moment in the journey of life? I started thinking only about possibilities.

In the process, I realised that the plethora of information on the internet, while can be pretty useful can also be a nightmare if we take it too seriously. As far as ailments go, the less one reads about what can go wrong, the better it is for our own health and wellbeing.

I think we need to listen to our own self in the area of body, mind and the spirit is what we need to cultivate instead of focusing on negativity and statistics.

If fact, if medical statistics were indeed to be proven right, most of us would be dead in a world where there are just too many ailments floating around.

So, what does one then do?

I  have experienced that it is a firm focus on success stories and affirming and visualising that we too will be one of the success stories is the only thing that we can do our own lives better. This could be called the power of attraction, the secret, inner healing, faith or all of these combined. Again, in today’s word there is too much focus on semantics or not the actual implementation. The fact is, the ability to see things before they actually happen is what enables us to pursue our dreams and ultimately achieve them. In fact, the better we visualize the future we want, the better our chances to make it happen. Whatever we may call it, let us always visualize a better future to make our present moment better and increase the chances of a better future.

Let us then focus on the present and do all that we can do in the present moment to make it better, not just for us but everyone around us. If nothing else, it would make us focus on possibilities and change our mindset for the better. This is bound to create a better world for all.

Today, by working on the body, mind and spirit, I am happy to say I have indeed healed completely.


Healing all our issues

Writing for Life Positive and guiding others has made me come across many people who have several issues they have not resolved due to leaving their inner child unhealed.

innerchildSheela (name changed) is a good friend of mine who had a difficult childhood and several health challenges, all left unresolved as she just did not want to face any of them in life. She pretended everything was fine unless something drastic took place in her health. When that did happen, she would get into a sheltered cocoon, talking to everyone about everything except her health issue and/or her emotional issues still left untreated.

I have seen a lot of others who do have inner child issues but refuse to accept these and therefore do not heal. The fact is, all of us have a suffering inner child. As children, we all have all had times of difficulty as children and many of us have experienced trauma. As children, we just do not know what to do and so, to protect and defend ourselves against future suffering, we somehow try to forget those painful times.

Fortunately, I also know of many people who have also healed themselves. One of them is me. Personally, I had resolved my relationship with own inner child issues that came from misunderstanding my father and his challenges. As a child, we often do not understand others and feel helpless. This results in unnecessary grief even after the event or situation is over.  I am glad that before he passed away in 2014, we had a very wholesome relationship and both of us healed from our inner grief. After reading my book and experience, a couple of friends of mine also worked on her inner child and did heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The fact is, every time we’re in touch with the experience of suffering, we think we cannot bear it and just ignore it. We run away from such memories thinking that by not thinking about them, we are handling them. The wounded child asks for care and love, but we do the opposite. The block of pain and sorrow in us feels overwhelming. Even if we have time, we don’t come home to ourselves. We only have to look deeply and we can be in touch with our inner self. The suffering of that wounded child is lying inside us right now in the present moment.

Just as the suffering is present in every cell of our body, so are the seeds of awakened understanding and happiness.

We just have to use them. We have a lamp inside us, the lamp of understanding, which we can light anytime. The oil of that lamp is our breathing, our steps, and our peaceful smile. We have to light up that lamp of so the light will shine out and the darkness will dissipate and cease. All we need to do is to light up the lamp within us.

I firmly believe healing occurs physically only we also work on ourselves emotionally and spiritually and hope others also work on all areas of their lives.

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Is life always logical?

Very often, we think that life is logical. It actually is usually never logical. It is beautiful, inspiring but not really logical all the time.

grace2In each area, we are much more powerful than we can ever imagine.  The same power we can use or misuse, and the results are equally potent.  We can learn this lesson not just from stalwarts but from people all around us.

The most potent message came to me from someone I knew personally and had the privilege of living with. My late mother-in-law was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthiritis even before her marriage. In the era of India that was prevalent then, no one ever imagined she would get married, let alone bear children. Grace intervened. My late father-in-law was introduced to the family by a common friend who asked him to ‘see’ her in the parlance of those days to consider marrying her. Now, if we think logically, this was the most illogical alliance that could ever be suggested. My father-in-law himself had lost his mother early in life and his father was straddling his many children all alone with the help of all his elder children, of which my father-in-law was the eldest. The marriage however did take place and my mother-in-law was a mother-figure to her brothers-in-law and also had nine children of her own, of which the youngest was my husband. She was also the most amazing grandmother to the brood of grandchildren she had later. All this look place only because she never gave too much importance to what she called the irritants in her life.  Life too responded by blessing her all that she ever wished for.  The fact is, she lead a complete life because she only focussed on all that she could do and not her aches and pains.

She was and is the primary role model for me. When I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I was depressed but knew God will either show me a path to heal or equip me to handle whatever issues I may have. Once I started following her approach, I accepted I had a challenge that I needed to cope with and truly, it did not seem like a big deal.  I continued doing all that I was doing with only minor adjustments in the routine, just as my late mother-in-law used to do, I am certain that along with the complementary therapies that have restored my life as it was to me, it was  following her attitude that played a major role in my recovery.

So, yes, life fortunately does defy logic and move forward with the strength of the spirit many times.

I have now shared my experience of healing in a book to let people know they too can heal from whatever issue they may have.

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