Music, the language of the soul

“He must be here somewhere”, thought Srinivas, looking around and feeling very anxious. He had heard a lot about his grandfather and his affinity to music and the Himalayas.  Just when the family was all geared up for a family wedding, he vanished to the wilderness and most people thought it must be the Himalayas. The bus came to a screeching halt. For a while, there was panic but the driver told them to calm down as it was dangerous to go up the mountain till the snowfall stopped.

In the quietness of the Himalayas, everyone heard the melodious tune of a flute some random person who played all the notes. The notes were so melodious that everyone stopped their chitter chatter and listened intently.

“Do you know why Krishna played the flute and ensured that he touched all the swaras?”, an old gentleman at the back asked everyone.

He knew this touched all our chakras and the flute can show this to us more than anything else.

Everyone turned at this gentleman.

“The point is music is the language of the Gods which is why we all love to listen to it, whatever genre it may belong to”.

Srinivas felt he was listening to his own grandfather, V V Sadagopan,  a well placed classical musician, who often said the same thing and practiced it by listening to all genres of music and interacting with everyone, no matter what their so called material status was.

Whether or not he would meet his grandfather physically, Srinivas felt he had heard his voice and hugged the flute player and the old gentleman fondly. The three of them and all the onlookers broke into a smile.

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