Path of healing

Very often, life throws challenges at people to show them a new path of being.

healingWhen K Girish, an electrical engineer from Bangalore was 28, he was blessed with a bonny boy.  Before even celebrating it, he was put in a state of anxiety as the baby kept crying continuously. He did not know what to do while the doctors hospitalised him for one month and  in a warm chamber for one week. After this, he came home. Just when Girish felt the boy would remain healthy, he began having a continuously running nose and fever till the age of thirteen. Girish went to several doctors, gave him many types of medicines but the problem persisted with his son being admitted to hospital three times.

He kept praying for a path to be shown to him and was shown alternate therapies like Reiki, Sujok, acupuncture.  His first tryst was with Reiki when he saw his son’s fever coming down when a well known Reiki healer gave him healing and his fever began coming down.

In 2012, he decided to become a healer himself as he did not want anyone to go through the ordeal he had been through. He then learnt Reiki himself, sujok seed therapy and acupuncture. After doing all this on his son, he became almost completely well. In the process. Girish also has been treating several people who have seen wonderful results.

My own aunt in her sixties, who was suffering from benign essential tremor characterised by her neck  shaking without any control became much better after just a couple of weeks with Girish’s treatment.

One of his patients, a 43 year old lady, who was diagnosed with fibroids and was bleeding continuously became so much better that a surgery scheduled on her was cancelled as it was not required any longer.  Her endometriosis and bleeding became all right with just fifteen days of treatment.

These are just a couple of examples from a long list of people who have healed by his treatment. Girish is still learning all the time so that he can become a better healer. Knowing his perseverance and skills, I am sure he will heal many more people in his journey of life that has healing as the key component.

To all those who require a ray of hope, Girish can be contacted at


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Recovery from Multiple Sclerosis

acupuncturePeople have often asked me what was the key factor that helped me heal or get cured from multiple sclerosis.

I am also asked often how I am sure it will not return again. To this, I can only say I know I am leading a perfectly healthy life now and have not had any issue for quite some time. As far as certainty is concerned, I think the only certainty is uncertainty in the journey of life. So, the only thing we all need to do is accept uncertainty as a part of life.

As far as my recovery/healing from multiple sclerosis goes, this has primarily been because of acupuncture and the attitude of the doctor, Dr SS Rawal, who was the first one who administered acupuncture to me and convinced me that I would indeed improve with time. In other words, he made me hold on, wait for results and motivated me to a great extent.

As he is also open to share all the acupuncture points that help in multiple sclerosis, I would also like to share them with everyone to get the help they need from an acupuncturist they can go to.

Bladder functions

Most people with multiple sclerosis face this issue and hence this needs to be handled. As far as acupuncture points go, one should select from ; DU20, DU3, REN4, UB32, UB28, SP6, SP9, ST36, UB40, K3.

Stress management

Stress is something which attacks everyone when they are in a situation over which they have no control. Multiple sclerosis or any so called incurable disease is bound to come with a great deal of stress packed in it. As far as acupuncture points go, one should select from DU20, EX6,H7, UB15, UB62, EAR SHENMEN.


This can be handled with this point. As far as acupuncture points go, one should select from DU14, ST36, SP6, LI11, REN6.

Optic nerve

This is again a common issue in the case of multiple sclerosis. It can surely be handled with his point. As far as acupuncture points go, one should select from DU20, GB20,ST1, EX4, UB2, GB14, EX2, LI4, SI6, LI5, GB37, UB18, SP6, LIV3..


This is usually an issue with most MS patients. As far as acupuncture points go, one should select from UB37, UB57, GB34, ST32.

As multiple sclerosis is a neurological ailment, scalp acupuncture is also required. The points are to be selected from motor area sensory area, foot motor sensory area and other scalp acupuncture points, according to signs and symptoms.

Please note : Accurate reading by pulse diagnosis or by meridian health analysis does lead to better acupuncture point selection. The above is only a guide.

We must know it takes some time for the points to show results so patience is something that is required from anyone who wishes to heal.

Further, along with acupuncture or even any other therapy one is trying, it important that we work on our attitude, general fitness routine and look at all aspects of life. This can be done only by us and no one else.

We need to never give up, forgive all the people who we feel have wronged us and ultimately remain grateful for what all we have. This is relevant to all, whether or not we suffer from an ailment.

By doing all of this, we are bound to improve in our health and lead a complete life and become a hero/heroine in the journey of life.

With inputs from Dr SanjivRawal, MBBS.(BOM). D.Ac., DTCM. Diploma in Acupuncture(VMU)., LL.M,

If I got afflicted from multiple sclerosis due to some kind of karma, now having healed, I think it is my dharma to share my story with others so that they can also heal.

Those who wish to have more details of my recovery can do so by reading my book, Dancing with Life, Living with Multiple Sclerosis published by Hayhouse.

The book is available online at

Users outside India can buy the book at



Take back the power from multiple sclerosis (MS)

powertoselfSometime back, a friend of mine, who had also been afflicted with MS, told me she was so depressed that she wished she could die. Now, in my opinion, she did not actually mean it but kept repeating it out of self-pity. I could relate to it as I had been on that path too, sometime earlier. Now, as a malaise, self-pity is totally in our control. We can and should work on making it disappear from our lives. Like most things, this may take time and effort but will go if the direction is clear. This is actually the first step towards becoming better. Nothing will work if we have this attitude.

The fact is, everyone with MS can actually do a lot of things. The biggest problem, in my opinion, is the fear of what would happen tomorrow. So-called educated people, thanks to the internet, are even more confused and depressed on what could happen tomorrow.

The fact is, none of us know what could happen tomorrow or even the next minute. We can also make the most of the current moment and do our best to the best of our ability. This is applicable to everyone, not just those with ailments.

We can read and even use the internet as a positive tool reading about people who have thrived despite whatever issues they may have had. This is bound to inspire us to lift us out of our depression.

As in all areas, the physical issues, if there are any, can indeed be handled, if we energize the mind to focus on what we can do and aim at doing this to the best of our ability.

For me, alternate therapies like acupuncture, acupressure and now, yoga have worked very well. For others, it may be something else. The point is, we all need to take care of all aspects like diet, fitness and mental fitness like doing what we like and enjoy.

All we must remember MS is a challenge not a death sentence. Challenges can indeed be handled if we just learn how to do it. This does not mean the physical challenges will vanish. If we give it less importance, their control over our lives will become lesser and lesser and finally have no control over our lives. Let us focus on what we can do, not what we cannot despite MS or any ailment, friends. This is bound to give less power to the ailment and more power to our own selves.

Let us combat the ailment and not give excessive power to it.

Patients require patience to heal from multiple sclerosis (MS)

patienceWhen people ask me what one needs to do to try acupuncture, my answer is very simple. We need patience, more than anything else. This is the area in which many people give up. In my case, acupressure and acupuncture have given me excellent results. My acupuncture doctor had told me in the beginning itself that acupuncture takes time to show results. He made me understand that I should develop patience and not expect instant results. I have now understood the veracity of his statement as I am now doing all that I never thought would have been possible earlier.

In fact, one of the virtues that is not spoken about today is ‘patience’ in a world of quick fix solutions. The etymology of the English word patience, is from from Latin patientia, a derivative of pati “to suffer”. This was one of the virtue names coined by the Puritans in the 17th century.

‘Patients’ also has the same root. To suffer in the context of ‘patients’  is the quality of being willing to bear adversities, calm endurance of pain, essentially not giving up quickly.

Now,  if we have an ailment with multiple sclerosis, we do indeed have issues to combat. These issues, as most people know, are diverse for different people. What we do retain however is to choose our attitude. This is one quality that always remains with us.

We can choose to feel sorry for ourselves, live in a shell or be jealous of everyone else in the world. The other option, however is to combat it. We may not be able to do all that we could do earlier. We can however, do many things to shape our world.

As far as the physical body is concerned, we should aim to have a minimum fitness routine. When it comes to fitness, one does need ‘patience’ to remain healthy. If one goes to the gym, of course, there are aches and pains. If one does yoga, the same is the case. The same is true for any fitness routine. Still, one does persevere or ‘suffer’ to remain in good shape.

As far the mind is concerned, we have the power to build or re-build our relationships. This does surely make the other person feel better and as a byproduct, make us feel better too. The reason on us feeling better is the focus is on the other and not ourselves.

As far as the spirit is concerned, we need to know that it is the human spirit’s character to be brave and fight. Most of us do not understand this. In fact, out of suffering have emerged the bravest souls. In fact, the most courageous characters have been shaped by suffering.

Let us remember that all of us need to develop ‘patience’ to lead a complete life.

The layers of healing from Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Due to my association with Life Positive, I have come across many healing techniques. I attribute my recovery from multiple sclerosis, whether one calls it remission, handling the ailment or cure, to acupuncture.  Now, I do not have any issues that make it difficult to lead an independent life. In fact, I am more active physically, mentally and spiritually that I ever was.

overcomefearAgain due to my writing and working with Life Positive, I have also been come across many metaphysical reasons for ailments.

According to Louise Hayes, Multiple Sclerosis indicates mental hardness, hard-heartedness, iron will, inflexibility, and fear. She suggests a new thought pattern that is ‘By choosing loving, joyous thoughts, I create a joyous, loving world. I am safe and free.’

I called myself determined. Is it not true that determination when carried to the extremes does become rigidity as well?

According to Martin Brofman’s chakra healing theory, issues like MS and other neurological ailments are caused due to issues with what he calls a father figure, who could be the biological father or a person of authority.

I certainly resonate with both the above. I had a difficult childhood and did have some issues with my father, though nothing was really his fault. It was actually nobody’s fault. It was due to the circumstances and I did not try to understand him at all.

In the process of healing, I have realized that all relationships need to be set right for us to improve. More than claims of forgiving each other and tall claims of that nature, I think we all need to understand each other. Most, if not all relationships are set right with this simple act.

I do not know whether if flawed relationships or a wrong attitude that contributed to multiple sclerosis. What I do know and believe is that we need to set right all our relationships to lead a more complete life.  Before my father passed away recently, I had indeed set right my relationship with him.  This has certainly made me feel much better.

I am certain this has also contributed to my recovery as we all are made of three layers, the body, mind and the spirit. The mind is more powerful than the body and the spirit is more powerful than both the body and mind.

To heal, we need to set all the layers right to proceed to complete wellness.

In MS, labels don’t matter, we do

excessivethinkingA Tamil Proverb says, “Excess of even nectar is poison”. In most areas, especially in the area of health and wellness, this is what is happening today. Everyone knows about all the technical medical terms without the basics in place. They may not know basic biology but would know all the jargons used by super specialists.

Almost everyone browses the internet as soon as they are diagnosed with any illness, minor or major. This actually tends to give more energy to the thought that one is sick, making us feel despondent and depressed.

In the area of an ailment whose cause and cure is not known like MS, this is even more so. The moment get a diagnosis of this ailment, those who were feeling a bit confused earlier, now are even more confused. They start analysing all the labels, research and statistics of the ailment.

Personally. I was detected with MS in 2006. I looked for solutions like many of us do. Fortunately, I have been successful is finding a panacea through alternatives, primarily acupuncture.

Still, whenever I meet any other person who has also been diagnosed with this ailment, the question they ask is “Are you RRMS (Relapsing-remitting MS, SPMS( Secondary-progressive MS) or PPMS(Primary-progressive MS), as if it is something like my height or weight that I need to remember always.

As such, these classifications and names do keep changing all the time. This is only for the reference of the doctors or neurologists. Why should we take the trouble of remembering these labels or tags?

All we need to remember that each of us is unique and should not succumb to labels, tags or statistics.

Why we do need to do is to do our best in the area of fitness in the area of the body, mind and spirit. This shall energize us and we shall indeed lead a complete life.

Combat Multiple Sclerosis (MS) with Yoga

yogamsMany yoga teachers, therapists and some even some allopathic doctors do recommend yoga to everyone. The strengths of yoga come from its ability to decrease stress, battle fatigue and increase flexibility and muscle strength, as well as improve one’s quality of life. In fact, there have been even been experiences of people curing themselves through yoga.

I first read Eric Small’s book, Yoga for MS, after I had been diagnosed with MS in 2006. I got in touch by email soon and he shared his story with me. Eric Small was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS) when he was just 22. After trying various therapies, he learnt yoga from renowned guru BKS Iyengar. “Regardless of what MS symptoms may arise, the asanas can be adapted for continued practice. You do not have to wrap your legs behind your ears or stand on your head. Anyone can do yoga – even sitting in a wheelchair or lying in bed,” he told me, adding, “Yoga is invaluable for people with MS as it does give us power to exercise”

Other than the yoga asanas described beautifully by Eric in his book, it was his will to continue doing yoga till the age of 70 that inspired me and gave me a lot of hope.

I would definitely recommend yoga to everyone, not just those with MS or any other health challenge as it does have the power of making us feel better in body, mind and spirit.

Yoga has indeed made me feel much better and more in control of my life. I have never had any relapses since 2006 and have never been on any medication. Still, the real ‘cure’ for me came from alternate therapies like acupressure and notably, acupuncture. Now, that is another story in itself.

I would like people to know that complementary therapies do work but they do need our patience and perseverance.


Life with MS

Very often, people refuse to believe I am leading a purposeful life, despite MS.

victory2For me, acupuncture has been a miracle. For others, it may something else. The fact is, if there is a problem, there is a solution too.

I do not claim I aim to run the Olympics. This has never been my aim anyhow. I was never an athletic kind of person even before I was diagnosed with MS. Now, I do take care of my fitness levels by walking and doing yoga but do not go overboard.

MS, as we all know, has several kinds of levels and classifications. However, surely, we cannot achieve anything if we just despair. We have to combat it. For this, we need to maintain a minimum fitness routine. This is even more essential to us than others who may not have a health challenge. This routine involves all aspects of life.

We may or may not be able to be hundred percent physically fit but still one can surely find a purpose in life. We may teach, we may read, we may sing, we may write, we may help others without aiming for anything in return. This in fact, is more of a complete life than minting dollars or focusing only on our own self.

In my case, I aim to lead a complete life, being helpful and compassionate to everyone I come across. I truly believe that this is only purpose in life. Surely, MS or any ailment is not a deterrent in having this kind of attitude and outlook to life. When we reach out to others, our circle expands. We have more friends and people who look forward to our presence. We feel wanted and this itself is a panacea for any challenge.  Slowly but surely, our focus to life itself changes automatically. We stop thinking about our problems but start thinking about the problems or challenges of others. In the process, we start realizing that being diagnosed with MS or any other ailment is not the end of the world.

Instead of victims, we then become victors in the cycle of life.

What’s in a name for people with MS

When I tell people, I have improved tremendously because of acupuncture, some  people respond, “You must be in remission. This is not a cure.”.

Even  if that is so, is it not good enough? In fact, some allopath view this as an achievable goal, and keep trying various medicines for the same goal. In fact, “disease activity free status,” or DAFS, is now considered an endpoint to include in future MS treatment trials till a complete cure is found.

At a party with friends..

At a party with friends..

Does it matter if it is called remission, cure  or  wellness ? The fact is MS with all its names is a plethora of names and confusion. People are therefore always obsessed with tagging things.

When I was first diagnosed, my neurologist understood my state of mind of confusion and stress and spoke to me at length on how a lot of research was going on and I could certainly expect some medical solution within reasonable time. He also elaborated the state of the research at that stage and made me understand that though the cause and cure of this has not yet been ascertained. He made me understand that this ailment can be managed even if not cured.

Now, I know of people with Multiple Sclerosis whose ailment have gone into permanent remission. Many people have led a long, independent life, even though they have been diagnosed with the disease.

To prevent recurrence, the only thing we would need to do is take care and not add any stress into our lives.

Forget the statistics of various types of MS and the uncertainty that does with this. Let us not aim to be quasi-doctors.

We can be role models of combating an ailment such as Multiple Sclerosis if we make sure we have a minimum fitness routine and stick to it, while exploring therapies that make us feel better.

In my case, acupuncture has worked remarkably well and whether one calls it remission or cure, it does not matter.

The fact is, MS does not have any control over my life now, without any medication. Will this last?  I certainly hope so. As regards what will happen next, none of us ever know what will happen the next moment, whether we have a health challenge or not.   The only certainty is life, my friends is uncertainty. The sooner we accept this, the better our life will be as we shall then make the most of every moment.


The hype of MS

Sometime back, ‘cancer’ was the disease showcased on the Indian film industry, with people having a positive attitude despite the fact that they were about to die. This has now changed where cancer has been overcome many times and it is no longer that scary. In this scenario, all kinds of ailments are being showcased to get the audience to sympathize and weep with the protagonist.

Some time back, the Indian movie, Guru, did this with multiple sclerosis. This was not the main story line, so fortunately, did not register much with the public and even with the patients or caregivers.  It died a natural death after a while, in my opinion.

With friends at a party

With friends at a party

I had seen this movie earlier with my family. When I had seen the movie, I had felt quite anxious on whether I would end up like this. I knew my husband would indeed take care of me, but I certainly did not want to subject him or my children to such a predicament.

When the movie also showed the girl saying she would probably die within a year, I disconnected completely with the whole drama and exaggeration. I knew that Multiple sclerosis is may be a disabling disease but is not really life threatening.  The main theme of the movie was not Multiple Sclerosis or an ailment and neither were this girl and her boyfriend the leading pair in the movie. At that time, all that had happened in my case was that I had talked to my husband and we just shook our head about the gross misrepresentation and did not think more about this aspect at all. There may be many other such shows in sitcoms or movies. Even in India, when the awareness that such a disease exists rises, there could be representations and misrepresentations galore.

Though the movie had hardly any impact on me, I met someone recently who had been impacted by this. Hence, I wish to tell everyone who may have seen this kind of movie and many others who may have been impacted by any sort of representation to just disconnect from this kind of depiction.

For instance, even at that time, I was actually very relieved that my children, who had watched this movie, never even thought about the portrayal of multiple sclerosis. I was glad that the word MS did not even register strongly with them.    Surely, my husband and I had succeeded in NOT making this ailment the focus of our lives.

Today, acupuncture has given me remarkable results and I do not even need to think about the ailment at all. Still, I do believe it is also being sure that I shall indeed combat the ailment that was and is responsible for my wellness.

After all, self-fulfilling–prophecy can and does make the impossible, possible many times.

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