Cancer injected with a gift of happiness

happinessI met a young mother full of verve in my colony recently. She knew almost everything about nutrition and health. I asked her if she was a doctor or a nutritionist to which she just shook her head.

After she left, another young woman who was sitting next to us told me her story, which one could call heart wrenching or inspiring, depending on one’s perspective. This lady’s young son was diagnosed with leukemia when he was just ten. After a few rounds of chemo , radiation and the works when she found no improvement, for a while she felt extremely  depressed and went into the “Why me?” kind of thought pattern.

The doctors did not have an answer, her friends did not and she just started praying again and again for guidance.

Serendipitously she met a senior in the ward who told her that all she could do now was to make her son as happy as he could be in the days of his life to make his mind and spirit more robust.

With this began her journey of looking for solutions for a complete life for her son. She began consciously giving him healthy, nutritious food and taking him to see all the events he loved. The boy started taking part in all games and sports in the colony, read a lot of books and made many friends everywhere.

With this, the little boy’s life changed from being only about treatment to one that made him look forward to life.  Life for him and the family started becoming joyous with hope for complete wellness injected in the process.

“I do not know what will happen next but I do hope and pray for as must happiness as is possible for my son. This can happen only if I myself remain as happy as I can be. This is possible only with complete faith that I shall be guided on the right path by the Almighty,” became her mantra in life, which is why she became an inspiration to everyone around her.

After all, this mantra is indeed applicable to all of us.


Do not give power to multiple sclerosis or any ailment

One of the things that I have noticed in my interaction with people who have multiple sclerosis is that many of them give up on hope and in the process, on life itself. A friend of mine recently stated “A cure will be found for cancer, as there is so much focus on research there. Neurological problems, like multiple sclerosis, people seem to just ignore. “


This is not true and also the most irrational statement one can make. It is like saying “Since there is so much focus on drought relief, people in a drought prone region will not have a problem. It is only people who are in a region prone to floods who need to worry.” As we know, both situations are not a happy place to be in. People survive and move on as they just do not give up hope.

Diseases do not come in a basket that one can pick and choose. Let us not give more power to the ailment than necessary. If we have a disease that I would prefer to call a health challenge, we need to look for heroes and heroines who have combated challenges and led a wholesome life for inspiration.

Here again, with personal experience, I strongly recommend NOT focusing just on one’s ailment as that usually makes one obsessed with one’s ailment and too much focus there will NOT solve the problem. Let us do what we need to do and focus on what we can do and NOT what we cannot do.

Whatever the ailment, there are a million things to be grateful for, a million things one can do and be productive in and a million people who are working to make one’s life better. It is all about perspective, people. The world and life itself is as we view it.

If we shift the focus from despair to gratitude and hope, life will indeed be wonderful for all of us.

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