Raising of consciousness in horrific times

asifaIn all horrific situations like the current situation of the gang rape and murder of little Asifa, we need to reflect on what a person like Gautama the Buddha, Christ, Socrates or Gandhi, all famous figures of history, universally respected for the excellence of their character and model way of life would have done. Would he have e would behaved as our present-day leaders do and been an active participant or a passive onlooker of the suicidal race for more and more destructive nuclear engines run day and night before our eyes?

The answer is an emphatic ‘no’. Such a personality would never be a party to or an idle spectator of the horrid game. On the contrary, he would raise heaven and earth to rid mankind of this hideous nightmare and even stake his life to achieve this aim.

This may sound unrealistic but the fact is we all are indeed connected and to raise the consciousness of humanity, we have to not just protect and yes, punish the criminals but work on raising the conditions we find ourselves in.

What I am saying is not entirely new. For humanity to change, we need to focus and raise our own way of being so that slowly but steadily, there is true empathy towards all which is the only thing that can create a better world, again slowly but steadily.

It does not matter what the child’s religion, so called status or state was. What matters is that she was a child. This is what must call out to each of us. Again, not for politics or for playing blame games but for seeking to treat each child as one of us. In other words, let us seek to remove all labels from the people we come across and treat them as one of us.  The day this begins to happen, the world would indeed change and little Asifa’s death would not be in vain.



A couple of weeks ago on my journey from Delhi to Mumbai, I found myself in conversation with a woman from Canada who was on her way to find what she could do in India.

persp“I want to make a difference. However, I am so unlucky. I have had a lot of bad luck, especially in India. There are many NGOs who say they are doing good work but they are really not justice to the cause. There are too many bottlenecks,” she said. She already had another list of places she wished to go to and people she wished to approach. Still, she asked me to guide me on where else she could go to, what else she could do. The same was the case with spiritual organisations that she wanted to visit. She wanted my comments on all of them. Not the positive aspects but the problems that could arise and the issues she may have to face.

A few years ago I may have immediately given her some more references of some people I know and educate her further on ‘the problems she may face’. Now, I have seen that people who wish to find an answer need to go step by step and they will get the answers gradually. If we wish to see the positives or the improvements that have taken place in our life or in the NGO, company or whatever it is that we are associated with, we shall indeed see these only. If the focus is on finding problems, we will see these only.

I have observed that life is indeed all about perspective.  We need to focus on solutions with problems, if any, to be seen as issues to be overcome or handled. In solving the problem, we shall indeed understand the cause itself much better.

As to what I told the woman from Canada, it was just to spend some time with all the  organisations she already knew and see what resonates with her. I did not add to her list of organisations or list of problems as these were anyhow pretty exhaustive.

In the journey of life, I do not ask anyone to change their perspective. My own perspective through my experience of life and working with Life Positive has made me understand that change, if any can only come from within.

Dancing with Life : Living with multiple sclerosis

bookcoverMy latest book, Dancing with Life,  is about affirming the power of life, the power of hope, and the power of strong determination to live life with a purpose. It attempts to give hope and power to everyone, whether or not one has a health challenge.

Most of all, it is a book that aims to convey that one can lead a complete and wholesome life, that MS or any other problem is just a comma in the story of our lives, and not the full stop.

I have learnt a lot of lessons in leading a complete life through my battle with MS (multiple sclerosis). These lessons are relevant to all, ailment or no ailment. Those who wish to buy this can do so at <http://www.flipkart.com/dancing-life-living-multiple-sclerosis-english/p/itme9bdjmhmjbynn?pid=9789381398814&ref=L%3A-2962529945395445276&srno=b_70



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Do not give power to multiple sclerosis or any ailment

One of the things that I have noticed in my interaction with people who have multiple sclerosis is that many of them give up on hope and in the process, on life itself. A friend of mine recently stated “A cure will be found for cancer, as there is so much focus on research there. Neurological problems, like multiple sclerosis, people seem to just ignore. “


This is not true and also the most irrational statement one can make. It is like saying “Since there is so much focus on drought relief, people in a drought prone region will not have a problem. It is only people who are in a region prone to floods who need to worry.” As we know, both situations are not a happy place to be in. People survive and move on as they just do not give up hope.

Diseases do not come in a basket that one can pick and choose. Let us not give more power to the ailment than necessary. If we have a disease that I would prefer to call a health challenge, we need to look for heroes and heroines who have combated challenges and led a wholesome life for inspiration.

Here again, with personal experience, I strongly recommend NOT focusing just on one’s ailment as that usually makes one obsessed with one’s ailment and too much focus there will NOT solve the problem. Let us do what we need to do and focus on what we can do and NOT what we cannot do.

Whatever the ailment, there are a million things to be grateful for, a million things one can do and be productive in and a million people who are working to make one’s life better. It is all about perspective, people. The world and life itself is as we view it.

If we shift the focus from despair to gratitude and hope, life will indeed be wonderful for all of us.

Is it really possible to pursue happiness ?

Very often, we think of what could have been, if…things had turned out differently. This never happens as life is not in our control. We then pursue what we term ‘happiness’ trying desperately to bring things in our control.

We make many plans, save money, build houses and wish to leave behind enough happiness for our children, thinking that happiness comes with money. We soon begin to realize that this is really not true.


Till today, nobody knows where happiness comes from but it certainly does not come from money or material wealth.
What we do know is where it does NOT come from. It does NOT come from possessions, it does NOT come from power, it does NOT come from talent, it does not come from physical BEAUTY.

In a sense, the pursuit of happiness that is the key doctrine of the modern world has NOT resulted in happiness. This is actually because we do NOT know what we are pursuing.

This is the reason many people turn to divinity or faith.

Here again, there are differences. Some faiths believe that we are children of God, while some feel we are part of divinity. Within each faith itself, there are slightly different versions on the nature of divinity.

So, what is the common factor? The commonality is the differences.

Differences are the factor the adds flavor to life. Let us not forget how wonderful life is, always.
Every experience only makes us stronger, more resilient and better.

As far as happiness is concerned, this is a journey, not a destination. It is this journey that has happiness strewn all around it.We just need to partake of the happiness.

We can partake of this happiness only if we remember that life is a mystery to solve, not a problem to resolve.


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