Adieu, Louise Hay

louisehayesWhen I came to know recently that Louise Hay, who had brought in the power of affirmations, hope and faith had left us, I started thinking about what she and her book meant to me.

We all know that Louise Hay has inspired millions of people to heal themselves. As far as I am concerned, I too read her book, Heal your life, when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). According to her theory, MS indicates rigidity and lack of flexibility.  In my case, I have always been extremely determined in doing my best in my profession and in all other areas. If one thinks deeply, determination when carried to the extremes does become rigidity as well.  This rigidity usually focussed on the results that I started expecting for my efforts.

Now, I have understood that I need to accept the situation I find myself in and am yes focussed on doing my best but am NOT focussed on the results that I would get.

This brings me to another tenet that I have been taught since childhood, that of the Bhagavad Geeta  which says “Karmanye vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana, Ma Karmaphalaheturbhurma Te Sangostvakarmani”. When translated it means “To work you have the right, but not to the fruits thereof.”  When applied, it  means that our only concern should be about doing your duty to the best of your ability. Don’t worry about the results of your actions for those are outside of your control.

This when applied in our lives is really complete acceptance of the situation we find ourselves in while continuing to do our best in all the areas we find ourselves in. I tried doing this to the best of my ability and found that this ailment was not so dreadful after all. In all areas, I just did my best and did not expect anything. Soon, Voila, I did find myself completely healed through alternative therapies, primarily acupuncture whether one calls it a cure, a remission or recovery. This indeed is the pattern of the universe. Miracles do happen when we accept and then surrender to the divine will.

As far as Louise Hay is concerned more than the cause she had pointed out, what she had given me was an indelible hope that nothing is incurable and we do have the power to heal ourselves.

The affirmation she suggests for multiple sclerosis that I suppose is applicable to everyone is “By choosing loving, joyous thoughts, I create a loving, joyous world. I am safe and free.”

In my case, I did affirm  all the time and it surely did help me in never feeling depressed in any part of my journey of healing.  This I am sure did have a role to play in my recovery.


Connect with understanding

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive,” says the Dalai Lama

connectwitheveryoneThis is indeed true for humanity and all human beings in general. The fact is all positive emotions are interlinked and hence when we connect, love increases and therefore our world seems a much better to live in. This is a fundamental truth of life itself.

We do need to know here what to take seriously and what not to. Most of the problems in life itself is because we do not work on understand all kinds of people in the world. The world does indeed consist of different types of people but it is entirely in our control to see how we handle each kind. This is indeed one of the primary tests of life. One of the stories that I still remember in this context is that of a heap of skulls.

A Sufi mystic was passing through a cemetery and he came upon a heap of skulls. Out of curiosity he took one skull. He had always been of the thought that all skulls are almost the same, but they were not the same. There were a few skulls whose ears were joined together; there was a passage. There were a few skulls whose ears were not joined together; there was a barrier between the two. There were a few skulls both of whose ears were joined to the heart but not joined together; there was a passage running to the heart. He was very surprised. He prayed and asked God, “What is the matter? What are you trying to reveal to me?” And it is said that he heard a voice. God said, “There are three types of people: one, who hear through one ear; it never reaches anywhere — in fact they don’t hear, just the sound vibrates and disappears. There is another type, who hear, but only momentarily — they hear through one ear, and through the other ear it is lost into the world again. There are a few souls, of course, who hear through the ears and it reaches to the heart.”

And God said, “I have brought you to this heap of skulls just to help you remember it when you are talking to people. Talk only to those who take whatsoever you say to their hearts — otherwise don’t waste your energy, and don’t waste your time. Your life is precious: you have a message to deliver.”

This tale shows us that though there are different kinds, we need to know how to handle each one of them. Essentially, it is our attitude we need to try to improve. After all, we all have messages to deliver and this is exactly what we need to focus on.

Say goodbye to worry

As long as we are alive, we have two options, either to live in fear or live fearlessly. To live fearlessly, we need to work on driving it away, thinking there is no other option. In fact, long ago, the when success and failure were the only options, the leaders of ancient Greek armies burnt the boats upon landing on shore so there was no going back. With no way to make it home besides victory, the resolve of the soldiers was strengthened. Similarly in our case, as the only option is to live, let us follow through and face our fear.

I used to be worried about falling down and hurting myself after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  then slowly began climbing starts one floor at a time and was soon able to combat this terrible fear of falling and moved on in life. It then felt like no big deal at all. After overcoming my fear, I suggest the following steps to everyone –

  1. Start facing the fear daily – Once we have awareness of the fear the most effective way to knock it out of your life is to face it. Start off with small steps and build up your confidence until the fear is more manageable and you are ready for the big action. As you work with the fear more, you’ll also gain more and more awareness of how you can tackle it.
  2. Repeat – Don’t stop taking bold actions until the fear is minimized. The more the action is repeated, the more negligible it becomes. The fact is when we handle fear, whatever it may be, and later realise we actually survived it, many things in life you may have feared previously seems to shrink. Those fears become smaller. They might even disappear. We start thinking that what we thought was a fear before wasn’t that much to be afraid of at all. Everything is relative. And every triumph, problem, fear and experience becomes bigger or smaller depending to what you compare it to. The fact is to gain a wider perspective of human experience and grow we really have to step up and face our fear. In this context, facing our fear can be surprisingly anticlimactic. From a distance and in our mind things may seem very difficult and frightening. Most of the time, it is not true at all..
  3. Take action and get busy -‘Worry gives a small thing a big shadow’ says a Swedish proverb. We can’t sit around think and waiting for courage and confidence to come knocking on the door. If we do, you may just experience the opposite effect. The more you think, the more fear we build within.The reality is that 80-90 percent of what we worry about never really comes into reality. If we combat fear, then more than half the battle is won.

If fear is the enemy, who or what can combat it? The answer is surprisingly simple. Fear can be combated only by its arch enemy, love. Love of all that is wonderful in the world and love for every little event we come across in the world and indeed love of all that is present in life,

Ultimately, the one and only thing that can improve our chances of becoming better is actually in our control, as fear can never be cured by anyone else but our own self.


Cinnamon, the balancer


In all the research that is going on in the world, it would greatly benefit if the entire scientific community, particularly the doctors know  the power of spices. For instance, cinnamon is a spice that is not just aromatic but also has a lot of medicinal properties and has always been recognised for this since time immemorial.

cinnamonCinnamon is native to Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon and the south-eastern coast of India, while the closely related Cassia is native to China. Cinnamon and Cassia are both small tropical evergreen trees that grow up to 20 – 30 feet tall, with aromatic bark and leaves.It has been used as an ingredient throughout history, dating back as far as Ancient Egypt. It used to be rare and valuable, and was regarded as a gift fit for kings. In fact, even wars have been fought for cinnamon and the Taoists have called it the ‘food of the Gods’.

Coming to our body and health, a paradox in metabolism is that, while the vast majority of complex life on the planet requires oxygen for its existence, oxygen is a highly reactive molecule that damages living organisms by producing reactive oxygen species.

Consequently, organisms contain a complex network of antioxidant metabolites and enzymes that work together to prevent oxidative damage to cellular components such as DNA, proteins and lipids.

In general, antioxidant systems either prevent these reactive species from being formed, or remove them before they can damage vital components of the cell. Thus, the function of antioxidant systems is not to remove oxidants entirely, but instead to keep them at an optimum level. Here, cinnamon is supposed to be very good. Apart from this, it is  considered to be good in controlling diabetes, heart ailments and arthritis.

In my case, I did and do include cinnamon in my diet, particularly after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. For those who are not aware, multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disorder of the CNS (central nervous system in which myelin components are particularly targeted by the immune system resulting in demyelination of axons and associated debilitating symptoms, In spite of intense investigations, no effective therapy is available for this disease yet.

Personally, I have benefitted from various therapies (all natural) as I did not and doo not wish to be a guinea pig on all the scientific research going on in the allopathic world. Here, cinnamon has become a part of my life. The best thing of course is that this can be easily done by not making major lifestyle changes. Side effects, if any, are only positive.

Apart from the herbs, my entire journey on recovery has taught me that health and life in general is all about maintaining balance in all areas and yes, listening to what our body, mind and spirit is telling us.

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A heartfelt review

dancingwithlifeThank you, Kanika Juneja for this wonderful review. It means a lot to me as the greatest reward for any writer is to give a wee bit of hope and inspiration to others.

“Although I tried to remain positive, I had wilted with worry by the middle of my visit. Would there be a quick deterioration in my condition? Would I also end up in a wheelchair? Would I need to use a walking stick? Would I be able to continue to speak properly, without slurring? Would I become blind? ”
A chill ran down her spine when Jamuna Rangachari pondered over these devastating questions. At thirty three, she seemed to have it all : a job she loved, a wonderful family and perfect health. Her world came to a stand still when the doctor diagnosed her with Multiple Sclerosis in 2002.

The questions were so many and the answers, uncertain.
However, one night she decided to take the charge of her life and started to wage a war with her auto – immune disorder. She went ahead to try all the possible alternative therapies to finally find solace in acupuncture, a therapy that changed her life.

From talking about various useful therapies to sharing about her changed life perspective and how faith and determination can help one in overcoming any challenge, this book is a must read for all the people suffering from this debilitating disease.

As an M. S patient myself, I could resonate with not only her fears but her life philosophy that talks about the importance of love and gratitude in one’s life. I would like to conclude by quoting my favorite lines from the book :
” On my M. S journey, I began to understand that every natural thing exists on several different levels at once. It is like a multilayered pudding that had a base, jelly and icing. Every layer is necessary for the pudding to be tasty and all of these layers when combined make it a thing of beauty. In this life, the gross level at which we can see and easily understand things ends at the tangible body…. Above these layers is another layer, which is even more powerful. This is the layer of what is called karma, fate or destiny. It is essentially acceptance of the cards that are dealt to us by life. We can communicate with this layer only through prayer, positive belief and gratitude for the small mercies God or the universe has bestowed on us. ”

When one has such a powerful view point, one can not help but ‘Dance with Life.’

Affirmations, Visualisation, Faith et al


visualisationWhen I was initially diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, the primary thing I had to combat was my emotion. I did not know what was going to happen next but then, started thinking differently. After all,  who knows what is going to happen the very next moment in the journey of life? I started thinking only about possibilities.

In the process, I realised that the plethora of information on the internet, while can be pretty useful can also be a nightmare if we take it too seriously. As far as ailments go, the less one reads about what can go wrong, the better it is for our own health and wellbeing.

I think we need to listen to our own self in the area of body, mind and the spirit is what we need to cultivate instead of focusing on negativity and statistics.

If fact, if medical statistics were indeed to be proven right, most of us would be dead in a world where there are just too many ailments floating around.

So, what does one then do?

I  have experienced that it is a firm focus on success stories and affirming and visualising that we too will be one of the success stories is the only thing that we can do our own lives better. This could be called the power of attraction, the secret, inner healing, faith or all of these combined. Again, in today’s word there is too much focus on semantics or not the actual implementation. The fact is, the ability to see things before they actually happen is what enables us to pursue our dreams and ultimately achieve them. In fact, the better we visualize the future we want, the better our chances to make it happen. Whatever we may call it, let us always visualize a better future to make our present moment better and increase the chances of a better future.

Let us then focus on the present and do all that we can do in the present moment to make it better, not just for us but everyone around us. If nothing else, it would make us focus on possibilities and change our mindset for the better. This is bound to create a better world for all.

Today, by working on the body, mind and spirit, I am happy to say I have indeed healed completely.


Are some of us addicted to sickness?

wellness_eWhen I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, initially I too started becoming addicted to my new “tag” of the ailment. In my own experience and observation, I have seen many people who become addicted to remaining patients or people who do not wish to lead an independent life as they have now been diagnosed with an ailment. This again could be something as minor as a cold, cough or headache or a serious one like cancer or the one I was diagnosed with, multiple sclerosis.

When referring to any kind of addiction, it is important to recognize that its cause is not simply a search for pleasure and that addiction has nothing to do with one’s morality or strength of character.

We can keep debating whether addiction is a “disease” or a true mental illness, whether drug dependence and addiction mean the same thing. We can keep talking about the validity of what is recognised as an addiction and what is not. Such questions are just semantics and serve no purpose.

On the other hand, there are stalwarts who combat all kinds of challenges without allowing anything to deter them in life. How do they do this? I feel the first thing we need to do is to acknowledge its presence in our lives. This is usually the most difficult step to take. We think we have an ailment and hence, it is not just part of our life, but who we are. Here, I really honestly feel affirmations and mind power helps to make us realise we can indeed combat whatever issues we may be facing right now.

We have to understand life is full of phases and each phase has something to teach us to become better people.

Once, we accept who we are I strongly recommend a kind of program to remodel ourselves.

  1. Let us admit after a diagnosis that we really don’t know much about, our lives have become unmanageable.

We need to accept this just as we know there are many things in life itself that we do not know about.

  1. Let us believe that there is power greater than ourselves that can make us overcome whatever it is that has befallen us.

This is a situation over which we have no control at the moment. However, things do get resolved if we understand that there is a higher Power who has his own plans for us.

  1. Let us make a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

This is helpful for all of us as none of us is ever perfect. Our life itself is always a work in progress.

  1. Let us try to resolve all wrongs we may have committed knowingly or unknowingly.

The place we need to do this is through looking at our relationships, relationships and relationships. Instead of always looking at life through our point of view, let us also view it from the point of view of another. If there are situations where we have done something wrong, let us try to set them right, in whatever way we can. In fact, I feel the best lessons in life are those we learn by resolving our relationships.

  1. Let us try and help as many people as we can in whatever way that is shown to us.

There is nothing that can ever stop us from reaching out to others. This could be through a prayer, a smile or just listening. If there are more options that are doable and possible, let us try to do this. If this is not possible at the current moment, we can always pray for this to happen showing us a suitable path.

The above has certainly helped me lead a better life and I do hope many others do so too.

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Healing metaphysically from my vision issues

Before I was even diagnosed with any ailment, I had what I now know as a symptom of multiple sclerosis, and had resolved it all through metaphysical healing.

visionmsIn 2003, I had started walking less and started avoiding going for regular walks in the morning as the speed of the friends whom I usually met at that time was something I could not cope with. Climbing stairs that was a regular routine earlier was something I stopped doing. In this scenario, what I did start feeling was a tremendous amount of stress on wondering what would happen next.

At around the same time, I accompanied my husband who had gone for a routine eye test. As I too was getting some headaches once in way, I thought, I too would get my eyes tested by the same ophthalmologist. What was detected was awful. I couldn’t see at all from one eye. It was a clear vision problem. The ophthalmologist, however, after analyzing all the factors, he said it was not a clear case where he could recommend a glass but one that would require more analysis. ‘In other countries people conduct some laser-based surgeries for this kind of a problem,’ he said, but recommended that he would take an appropriate decision after careful analysis, keeping safety in mind as it was a delicate surgery. He advised me to take some rest. At that time, I was employed as a software professional, and I strongly felt I should take a break. I requested my maternal aunt, Radhika Sridharan, to come and stay with me for a few days to handle the home front.

I took leave from the office I worked in then and regularly went for meditation sessions with my late guru, Promila Gurtu who had herself healed from her vision issues  through chakra meditation.  In a sense, she was  the ideal person for me at that time.

She had told us how vision or eye sight itself is a beautiful metaphor for all of us.   She asked us to ponder and think about why our eyes called the windows to our souls, why we speak of the way that we “see” the world, why we say, “I see”, in order to communicate that we understand?

Most of all, she asked us to think about the relationship between our vision, our eyesight, and our way of being.

According to her, eyesight was not just a physical process involving acuity. It was a multi-dimensional function affecting and affected by our emotional and mental state of being

She told us that the natural state of our vision is clear, and returning to clarity is related to returning to balance, and really being ourselves.

With determination, and a willingness to change perceptions and their accompanying realities, anyone can transform his or her view of the world, both literally and figuratively, and return to a natural state of clarity of vision.

This obviously does not mean just physical wellness but a vision that is complete and clear. It is accepting ourselves and everyone and every happening around us as it is. In a sense, it is leading a life with what is called Sakshi Bhava (observing happenings just as a witness) in Sanskrit and not getting stressed about anything at all, whether in personal life or anything at all.

Naturally, a person including me, with any kind of difficulty is bound to be stressed and/or depressed. This is not rocket science but common sense. Since there was no option but metaphysics, I did try my best to heal using the metaphysical approach I had learnt.

My vision healed completely through this approach and I do recommend it to all, whether or not they have a health challenge.

My journey of healing completely through a mish mash of therapies, the primary one of which is acupuncture has now been chronicled.

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Karma and Grace

When I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2006, I was totally distraught at first.  This happened not just because of what was happening in my physical body, but actually more because of what was happening in the mind. Reading about it on the internet and the issues people faced made me more confused than ever before.

karmaandgraceIt was then I switched off my mind from all the statistics, and details of what can go wrong but tried my best to focus only on the positive stories that I had heard about from various sources and even seen in my own life.  In fact, I believe God had protectively arranged my life in such a way that I would face minimal hassle in the world.

On the personal front, all my relationships were robust. My family and friends was extremely supportive. My husband was a pillar of strength and support and knew I would overcome this so called dreaded ailment. So much so, the children never knew something drastic was diagnosed. They continued leading their life as per their normal routine and so did I.  This was not denial but acceptance of the situation as just a challenge.

At the same time, serendipity had taken me to writing for Life Positive, though I was a computer professional earlier. This was a space that I needed to be in at that point as I was given a stream of support and inspiration all the time. I was exposed to a variety of alternate therapies and success stories through Life Positive and was certain there would be something that would work for me. Yes, there certainly was a solution.It was a combination of various things, the primary one of which is acupuncture, in my case. However, more than the therapies alone, I gradually understood that we had to work on our minds to make our body function better.My journey has been documented in my book, Dancing with Life, Living with Multiple Sclerosis.

Essentially, I have understood that it was grace that cushioned me through all my travails which we in the Eastern world call karma.

Earlier, I would thank God but very mechanically, but after I become aware that karma and grace go together, I deeply and emotionally pay my gratitude to Him all the time.

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Cured or healed, does it matter what we call it?

As I work for Life Positive, a magazine that focuses on personal growth and have written a book, detailing my healing from multiple sclerosis, I am often asked whether I have healed or cured myself.

Here, all I would like to say that these are all just semantics. What matters is the fact that I have overcome what is considered a chronic condition and am leading an active, independent life.

projectmanagementspiritualLooking back, I think the primary reason for my recovery/ healing or whatever one may choose to call it was not just the technique of acupuncture that has been extremely beneficial to me, not yoga that has also been very helpful, the other techniques that I have attempted off and on but the unconditional love that I received from my loved ones at home, office and in fact, everyone around me. This resulted in me never feeling like a patient at any time. To me, MS was just something to be taken care of along with various other aspects in my life.

This has made me feel that it one can indeed heal from anything if one’s relationships are robust and we keep watering them with our doses of love.

Taking the discussion further using today’s semantics, healing is not just about physical healing but about emotional healing too. It is being proven now by everyone even in the medical fraternity that not being emotionally content and stress free can lead to all kinds of issues in one’s life.

So, what is the solution? Like many truths of life, it is extremely simple to say but  very difficult to apply in one’s life completely. To begin with, it would help if apart from love, we are grateful for all that we have in our lives.

We all do have things to be worried about and also things to be grateful for. Let us focus on the latter. Instead of making our lives full of worries, let us instead focus on all that we need to be grateful for. Fortunately, our emotions and therefore, our lives, are very much in our control. We would only need to work on them to lead a complete life, whatever the situation we find ourselves may be. This, I understand, is not very easy but if we must try to do this for our own wellness.

With this focus, worry and its cousins like self-pity and depression will soon vanish from our lives.


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