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“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive,” says the Dalai Lama

connectwitheveryoneThis is indeed true for humanity and all human beings in general. The fact is all positive emotions are interlinked and hence when we connect, love increases and therefore our world seems a much better to live in. This is a fundamental truth of life itself.

We do need to know here what to take seriously and what not to. Most of the problems in life itself is because we do not work on understand all kinds of people in the world. The world does indeed consist of different types of people but it is entirely in our control to see how we handle each kind. This is indeed one of the primary tests of life. One of the stories that I still remember in this context is that of a heap of skulls.

A Sufi mystic was passing through a cemetery and he came upon a heap of skulls. Out of curiosity he took one skull. He had always been of the thought that all skulls are almost the same, but they were not the same. There were a few skulls whose ears were joined together; there was a passage. There were a few skulls whose ears were not joined together; there was a barrier between the two. There were a few skulls both of whose ears were joined to the heart but not joined together; there was a passage running to the heart. He was very surprised. He prayed and asked God, “What is the matter? What are you trying to reveal to me?” And it is said that he heard a voice. God said, “There are three types of people: one, who hear through one ear; it never reaches anywhere — in fact they don’t hear, just the sound vibrates and disappears. There is another type, who hear, but only momentarily — they hear through one ear, and through the other ear it is lost into the world again. There are a few souls, of course, who hear through the ears and it reaches to the heart.”

And God said, “I have brought you to this heap of skulls just to help you remember it when you are talking to people. Talk only to those who take whatsoever you say to their hearts — otherwise don’t waste your energy, and don’t waste your time. Your life is precious: you have a message to deliver.”

This tale shows us that though there are different kinds, we need to know how to handle each one of them. Essentially, it is our attitude we need to try to improve. After all, we all have messages to deliver and this is exactly what we need to focus on.


Moments of Gratitude

bookcoverWhen I started writing the book about my recovery from multiple sclerosis, I wondered if it was worth writing a book making an ailment as the focus, especially as I am not a medical professional.

Later, when I started doing more research on it, I realised that there still are many aspects that everyone. especially patients are confused about. The more the confusion, the more is the fear and further illness. This seemed to be the pattern. At that point, I felt this book was certainly worth writing to break the pattern.

After having published this and spoken to many people who are combatting this ailment or similar ones, the greatest payment I have received is not the royalty, not the book sales, not the compliments but the fact that there have been many who have broken the pattern and become much better. I do not mean to say that this or any other ailment is something that we should make our friend, like some people tend to say flippantly but something that one can overcome by taking the appropriate steps.

What are these steps?  Like in all areas, these are different for different people but the most important step of all is that we should not make the ailment the be all and end all of one’s life. The more focus we give to the ailment, the more control it has over us. This is relevant to a headache, cold, fever and also cancer and yes, multiple sclerosis.

Though not medically trained, I can vouch for the fact that success stories do make a difference to the spirit, the mind and then the body. Yes, this is the correct sequence.  First, the spirit believes we can become better, the mind follows this instruction and then the body accordingly responds. I have personally experienced this and seen the same sequence in many others around me.

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My return to wellness

Acupuncture has been a miracle for me after having been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. My learnings, which I would like to share with others are..

• Do not ever feel sorry for yourself
• Try not to focus too much on your ailment

• Alternative therapies work, but one may have to explore several options to see what suits us

• Do your regular allopathic check-ups also

• Try to follow a drugless therapy that makes your own body function better

• Accept your situation, but never give up trying to improve

• One’s attitude is the key to one’s wellness, and the key to a complete life. Never compare yourself with others, be it in health, wealth, relationships or career


A revised version of this article was published in Life Positive and also New Woman in 2012


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